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Academica – VUM is a pilot project for Bulgaria for social development, sustainable and healthy nutrition, implemented jointly by Varna University of Management and the International College.

the project


As part of the project, a new and modern bistro was built and opened in the center of Varna, operating according to the principles of sustainable and healthy eating and living. Our most important mission was to provide sheltered employment to people with limited access to the labor market. A goal that is being developed with the financial support of the Agency for people with disabilities through the Establishment of Centers for Safe Employment Program.

The concept

The concept is based on an overall sustainable presence in public life, including an environmentally friendly consumption of resources, social engagement and providing opportunities for full participation of disadvantaged groups, healthy nutrition and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The Sheltered Employment Centre “Credo”

The Sheltered Employment Centre “Credo” operates on the territory of Academica – the first institution in Varna and the second in Bulgaria to provide an adapted and protected workplace for disadvantaged groups.

A total of 15 enthusiastic young people have the opportunity and desire to work in an environment that gives them an equal chance to realize their qualifications and potential. This significantly increases their quality of life and their ability to participate actively in society.

проектът the project

Long-term goal

А change in public attitudes and the acceptance of people with disabilities as members of our modern society.

The job positions occupied by the young people under the project are: trade hall people in charge, assistant cooks, bakers, gardeners and comply with the opportunities that each of them has. A team of mentors works with them – professionals in various fields, who provide work mentoring, psychological and social support, medical services, opportunities for professional training in the field of Culinary arts, Foreign language lessons and building soft skills. Thus, the participants in the project will be able to be involved in the labor market actively, improve their professional adaptability and social status and will have the opportunity to continue working even after the end of the project.

Тhe project aims to improve public awareness of the opportunities of people with disabilities and overcome any negative stereotypes.
Our business model involves the building of a team of people with a variety of functions that are related not only to the preparation and sale of food, but also to administration, marketing, online services, growing herbs and spices in urban conditions, customer care and many others.